1-AFSB Dehradun


Place: 1-AFSB Dehradun
Date: 08 Feb 2021
Batch: D-NDA/FTS-F(P)(M)/497
Result: Conference Out


Due to COVID-19, our NDA exam got delayed and instead of the usual 2 times a year procedure, both the exams were held on the same day, but were counted for 2 different SSBs.

I cleared the cutoff for both the SSBs but I was not eligible (due to age) for the 1st SSB (which was at 2-AFSB Mysore).
I went for the 2nd SSB which was at 1-AFSB Dehradun on 8th Feb 2021.

Read, all the crazy experiences that I had in the SSB, the mistakes that I did which you can avoid and bits and pieces of advice that I have to share.

My Experience in SSB

Day 1: Screen-in
Day 2: Psychology Tests

Work in Progress
Day 3: GTO day
Day 4: Interview
Day 5: Conference