Luci: The Discord Bot

A General-Purpose Fun Discord-Bot

Project Abandoned

Development for this awesome bot had to be stopped due to some personal reasons.

The original library on which this was based was scrapped - The Future of, due to lack of support from Discord Devs 😞.

Luci: The Discord Bot

GitHub Repo: luciferchase/luci
A General-Purpose Fun bot with lots and lots of features.



Commands What it does?
mute Mute someone for a time interval
unmute Unmute a muted person
kick Kick a member out!
ban Ban them! Good riddance
unban Unban a member
bans See list of members who are banned
baninfo See info about a particular banned member
addrole Add a role to a member
removerole Remover a role from a member
purge Purge a member’s messages (You can purge your own messages too)
clean Clean your own messages
hackban Ban someone who is not in the server
lock Lockdown a channel or the server (members will not be able to send any message)
unlock Unlock a locked server or channel


Commands What it does?
aki Play the famous Akinator the game
tictactoe [alias = ttt] Play the classic Tic Tac Toe game against Luci
quiz Play a trivia quiz from over 20 categories

Conversation games

Commands What it does?
truth Ask a truth question. No lie!
dare Dare someone
neverhaveiever [alias = nhie] Never have I ever…
wouldyourather [alias = wyr] Would you rather…

Fun Commands

Commands What it does?
meme Meme goes brrrrr!
memespam So that you don’t have to beg for meme 50 times
avatar [alias = av] See the avatar of a user (must be from the same guild)
bigmoji [alias = e ] Enlarge an emoji
Comics Get a ohno, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (smbc), The Perry Bible Fellowship (pbf), Cyanide and Happiness (cah), XKCD (xkcd), Mr. Lovenstein (mrls), Chainsawsuit (chainsaw), Sarah’s Scribbles (sarah), Dilbert (dilbert), Calvin and Hobbes (calvin), Garfield (garfield), Odd is out (oddones) Commic
poll Make a poll
nitro [alias = n] Don’t have nitro? Don’t worry, send an animated emote through bot
insult Evil insult 😈
shout Emojify words
dm DM someone through the bot (but why would you do that anyway 🤔)
alphanato [alias = nda] Get military phonetics
photo Get a photo from unsplash
wallpaper Get today’s Bing Wallpaper

Animals Awwwww ❤️

Commands What it does?
dog Get a cute doggo pic
dogfact Get a random fact about dogs
cat Get a cute catto pic
catfact Get a random fact about cats
panda Get a cute panda pic
birb Get a cute bird pic
redpanda Get a cute redpanda pic
koala Get a cute koala pic

Nerd Commands

Commands What it does?
math [alias = calc] Handy-dandy calculator (supports very complex stuff too)
integrate Integrate an expression (not fully functional yet 😬)
derive Differentiate an expression
factorise [alias = solve] Find roots of a polynomial
tangent Find tangent to a curve at a point
definite integrate Do definite integration on a curve

The command that I am most proud of, however are these:

Schedule Memes

You can schedule to send memes (from a particular subreddit; default is r\dankmemes) to a channel hourly/twice a day/daily/whatever. You can schedule the time interval in any way.

Schedule Wallpaper

Send daily bing wallpapers to a channel.


There are lots and lots of things that I want to add to the bot. You can open an Issue and suggest anything that you want me to add and I will try my best.