Chase Hospitals

A GUI based Python connectivity project on Hospital Management.

Chase Hospitals

This is a gui-based system which provide best solution for future’s computerised intractions plus this Software uses offline Text to Speech software so that handicapped patients will have greater ease of access while running this software. All the data’s are stored in tabular form in a relational database i.e. MySQL database with tkinter based gui written in Python.

Talking about the features of this Hospital Management System, this project is aimed for a completely computerised management of our fictional hospital CHASE HOSPITALS. A patient can register themselves, view their details and modify their details as well. They can see the Details of Doctors, view the Services offered by the hospital. They can also make an appointment to a particular doctor


This project is created by Udit Pati and Robin Vats as part of their 12th CS project 2020 - 2021, under the able and very helpful guidance of PGT Mr. ML Meena Sir, Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 2 Delhi Cantt. All codes in this file is completely written by Udit Pati and Robin Vats only. All images and icons used under CC license


Main Window

Main Window



Patient Details (after searching)

Patient Details

Modify Details (after verifying

Modify Details



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git clone

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Default Data

Database Used - chase_hospitals Tables Used - patient_details, doctor_details, appointment, rooms


pid name age gender contact address blood_group
313570101 Mr. Udit Pati 17 M 8375054875 Delhi O+
313570102 Mr. Robin Vats 17 M 7567563156 Delhi O+
313570103 Mr. Rahul Roy 18 M 8345671848 Mumbai A+
313570104 Mr. Aditya Manas 16 M 7534586798 Jaipur B+


did name age contact specialisation qualification
101 Dr. Rakesh Sharma 35 7658424743 Dentist Bachelor of Dental Surgery
102 Dr. Patiiii 67 9427365092 Ayurveda Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery
103 Dr. P.K Sharma 40 7248743423 Medicine MBBS Ph.D
104 Dr. K.P Kohli 44 8493883433 Cardiologists MBBS M.Phil M.D
105 Dr. S.K Patil 44 7839478943 Surgeon MBBS
106 Dr. D.K Tripathi 46 9173826433 Orthopaedics MBBS
107 Dr. Rahul Poonia 30 9485757483 Cardiologists MBBS
108 Dr. Unnikrishnan 23 9876346843 Osteopathologist MBBS DO Phd M.D
109 Dr. Batra 32 9874758843 Radiologist MBBS DMSC MMSc
110 Dr. Manoj 27 9546738843 General Surgeon MBBS MD(Res) MS MSurg
111 Dr. Yadav 39 9578495743 Medicine MM MMed
112 Dr. Pal 34 9856784938 Medicine MBBS MMedSc MM
113 Dr. Shukla 45 8756493756 General Surgeon MBBS MPhil MChir
114 Dr. Singh 37 8564789456 Ayurveda Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine
115 Dr. Amit 38 8452378940 Cardiologists MBBS MPhil MD D.O
116 Dr. Shyam 41 7456328975 Neurologists MBBS MPhil DO


No Dependency Remarks
1 python 3.x
2 mysql.connector connect with MySQL database
3 easygui gui
4 Pillow display pictures
5 pyttsx3 text-to-speech
6 pypiwin32 pyttsx3 may not run without this
7 pyglet display different font style
8 Evogria.otf font style
9 Images

System Used

No System_Used
1 Processor - AMD A6 RADEON 5 Core 2.50 GHz
2 Operating System - Windows 10
3 RAM - 8 GB
4 Python - 3.8.2
5 mysql-connector-python 8.0.20