Which is more important - Marks or Emotional Stability?

I am a student, selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control & at times hard to handle.


Very Good morning one and all present here. Admirable Judges, Esteemed distinguished guests and all my beneficiary students present here. I am Lucifer Chase presenting today a very inspirable, debatable, young mind ignited and burning topic of the time - to choose between academics Marks vs Emotional stability.

My dear audience! First of all ask yourself, how many of you are not oriented towards scoring good marks in academics? How many of you are selected for your higher education not because of your higher marks but for your emotional stable personality in academics?

I am sure all of you will have a big no as your answer. But I ask you why? Why are we still running behind marks and not toward ensuring emotional stability? Why are there hundreds of thousands of coaching classes for securing high marks but very few for emotional stability? Because marks still hold more priority than emotional stability. But first of all what is emotional stability?


Emotional stability refers to a person’s ability to remain stable and balanced. It means having a composed behaviour, for both success and failure. It is the ability to control his or her emotional expressions. But on the other hand “Marks” are indicators of knowledge, on a subject studied. Without marks there is no objective for testing the knowledge.

Now let me tell you a story. Imagine there are 2 students one who is exceptionally intelligent and the other remains calm even during distribution of test papers. He knows that marks are not as important as knowledge and don’t worry much about tests. And thus the intelligent child scored more than the calm child. But when it came to jobs the intelligent child was easily hired with a good pay. But on the other hand the calm child struggled to find a decent job and was paid far less. As you can see when you need to hire a person for a job and to select professional courses in the college university level - you cannot interview each and every person to discover each person’s level of knowledge. The first and foremost indicator of a person is his academic marks. And what use is emotional stability when it could not land a good job.

Today the world has become very competitive. Competition is everywhere. It is in studies, sports, job and almost all activities of mankind. In today’s world even if you are emotionally and mentally stable but lack marks in your grade sheet then congratulations my friend you are in the bottom of the well and least likely to succeed.

Better marks in school now means better emotional stability as an adult when you don’t have to worry about finding a job, or feeding your family, or having enough money to buy gas so you can drive to school or the office. But if you do not succeed well in school and college then most of you will lead a very frustrated and bad life.


For me, presently both Marks and Emotional stability is utmost important. But if I was given a choice then I would wholeheartedly accept marks because right I am just a student. With better marks I can easily be emotionally stable but only emotional stability cannot help me. At the last I am sure, putting hard work on studies with healthy emotional stability I can get Full Marks in terms of Knowledge based in my future endeavours to make myself, my family, my school and my nation proud.

Thank you.