Addiction to smartphone and its impact on Children


One look at an email can rob you of 15 minutes of focus. One call on your cell phone, one tweet, one instant message can destroy your schedule, your relationship with your loved ones, your health and you’re present. I finally realized people are actually prisoners of their own phones that is why they are called cell phones.

Very Good morning one and all present here. Admirable Judges, Esteemed distinguished guests and all my beneficiary students present here. I am Lucifer Chase presenting today a very inspirable, debatable, young mind ignited and burning topic “Addiction to smartphones and its impact on children”.

Let me tell you a story first. There is this girl of 16 years who is given 2500 rupees as pocket money by her parents each month. But do you know my friend where she spent all her money? She blew all her money in recharging her Smartphone. She no longer communicates with the family, her phone has to be beside her day and night, she often talk from the early hours of the morning to late in the night, her homework is suffering ,her health is deteriorating and worst of all she considers no other activity or hobby worthy of her time or pocket money. This, my friend is not any piece of my friend rather it is the ugly truth of today’s generation. The truth is, we all are cyborgs with cell phones and online identities.

It should come as no surprise that smartphones and tablets have now replaced basketballs and baby dolls on a child’s wish list. Elementary school-aged children start asking, or let’s say begging, for these forms of technology before they can even tie their shoes. This raises the question of how mobile technology, typically found in smartphones, affects childhood brain development.

They drastically affect the parent-child relationship

Even while Smartphones can be convenient, they alter the bonding that is supposed to exist between a parent and child. Today not only children but parents are busy in their own social bubble. The connectivity attached with Smartphone use cannot be the same as the genuine connection which the parent and child are meant to have This leads to children getting distant from their parents as they advance to their teen years.

It limits their creative minds

Children’s minds are the most creative mind ever made by God. But early exposure to Smartphones drastically limits a child’s creativity. Kids these days are bombarded with exciting games which restricts a child’s creativity. Once in America a child was asked to draw anything. And the first thing he drew was a person holding a cell phone followed by a picture of Mario. From this you yourself can infer the condition of our present generations.

It causes children to get less sleep and makes them hyperactive

Excess usage of smartphones makes children hyperactive and impulsive which leads to attention deficiency and makes it very hard to sleep for them as thousands of thoughts constantly pop like who liked my photo, what did he comment etc.

It drastically affects their studies

Children play games, chat and talk to their friends on their mobile phone all the time. The way they’re attached to our phones these days, they buzz and twitch in their pockets, and they have to look and see if it was a text, a voice-mail, or an e-mail. They often find it difficult to concentrate on studies for more than 5 minutes. Thus, they miss the lesson taught and their grades keep failing.

It causes health problems in children

Scientists have discovered that just 2 minutes of the phone call can alter the electoral activity of the kid’s brain for up to an hour. The radio waves from the mobile penetrate deep into the brain, not just around the ear. The disturbed brain activity could impair children’s learning ability and other behavioural problems. They cause depression and could even affect their mood and concentration in studies. They can cause diseases like cancer, tumour in the brain, as well as hearing impairment in children. They can also be called a reason for a child’s hyperactivity or attention deficiency.


Your cell phone has already replaced the camera, calendar, watch, flash light and your alarm clock. Don’t let it replace your family and child. Every time there’s a new tool, whether it’s the Internet or cell phones or anything else, all these things can be used for good or evil. Technology is neutral; it depends on how it’s used.

Adoption of modern Technology with time is welcome but not the addiction of technology. The Line should be drawn between your smartphone and your child by you.

Thank you.