This is a GUI-based system which provide best solution for future’s computerised interactions plus this Software uses offline Text to Speech software so that handicapped patients will have greater ease of access while running this software. All the data’s are stored in tabular form in a relational database i.e. MySQL database with Tkinter based GUI written in Python.


About the project

This is a GUI based Python connectivity project on Hospital Management. The front-end is made using Tkinter and the back-end is managed by MySQL. This project was made for our final year CBSE practicals by Udit Pati and Robin Vats

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See Features

Talking about the features of this Hospital Management System, this project is aimed for a completely computerised management of our fictional hospital Chase Hospitals. A patient can register themselves, view their details and modify their details as well. They can see the Details of Doctors, view the Services offered by the hospital. They can also make an appointment to a particular doctor.

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Working Description

This project took pretty long. I didn’t knew much about Tkinter so it was pretty much hands-on learning only. Still pretty much satisfied with the end result. My problems and solutions as well as working description are discussed in details here.

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Download Project

There are numerous ways to install and run this project in your local computer. The easiest is to just download its zip file and unzip. However if you know git clone this repo (and make sure to leave a star) and run in your local computer.

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Lucifer Chase


This project is created by Udit Pati and Robin Vats as part of their 12th CS project 2020 - 2021, under the able and very helpful guidance of PGT Mr. ML Meena Sir, Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 2 Delhi Cantt.

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