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Coder, Reader, Writer and Teenager

 Name:Lucifer Chase

 Occupation:Cadet in INA


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About this wesbite: Bits and Pieces of a teenager’s muse who likes to waste time doing unnecessary project on the Internet instead of studying.

Chase Inc.

Yo! I am Lucifer Chase.

I have completed my Schooling from various KVs in different parts of India. I got recommended from 33 SSB Bhopal for 10+2 Navy B.Tech for which I am going to INA, Ezhimala, Kerala 😁.

I like sketching, coding, running and am an absolute sucker for all things related to armed forces in India.

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What’s up with Lucifer Chase? Is that your real name?

HA, no my real name is unfortunately something else which I can’t disclose here because hey! it’s 2022! Privacy anyone?

No, but seriously, you remember that awesome SRK movie Ra.One?
Well, the main character there always used “Lucifer” as his username for everything online. 10-year-old me found that Ultra-super-duper cool.

So, I started using it too. “Chase” added up pretty late because it sounded cool with “Lucifer”.

Why don’t you write more often?

Sigh! Well, I really really really want to write. I really do!

But it’s damn hard to get that motivation to write often. Even more so when I know most will never read it ever.
Also, I am a healthy 18-year-old who has litreally quite a lot on his plate already, so I get even less time.

But I am trying to change that and I promise to be more active. Pakka-pappita-wala-pakka-pakka 😁.

If I have some other question?

You are always welcome to message me anytime. All my links are up above.